When you see advertising for personal injury attorneys, you often see the “face” of the firm owner, who is typically an attorney with years of name recognition, practice, and experience. What you don’t see is that when you pick up the phone and call their firm, the likelihood of that person touching your case is significantly smaller than the commercials and billboards would make you think.

Imagine getting in a debilitating work-related accident that could potentially spell financial disaster for you and your family. Then, imagine calling a “big name” law firm and finding out that your case has been assigned to a junior associate fresh out of law school with no real, proven track record of successfully navigating a complex Worker’s Comp Case.

When you call the Law Office of Stephen Gaubert, you will talk to Stephen himself. Stephen has built more than 85% of his practice around Worker’s Comp Cases, and he has prioritized these cases throughout his almost 20 year career. The advantage of a smaller, boutique firm is the confidence that you will have knowing that your attorney is spending his or her time in the courtroom, and not at a vanity photoshoot for a billboard or commercial.

You wouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight, and you shouldn’t hire a “law firm” without first knowing which lawyer will be chosen by that firm to represent your case. Stephen recently completed his 1,000th Workers’ Compensation case since beginning his practice in 2004, and that experience can be measured with numbers that reflect a true passion for his work and his clients. If you have been in an accident at work, hire an attorney with a real, proven track record at settling and winning Workers’ Compensation cases. Hire an experienced attorney like your life depends on it.


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