There is no shortage of hardworking Americans that put their lives on the line for a livable wage. Globally, America was recently featured in several national articles (CNBC, Business Insider, Fortune) as the nation with the second fewest paid vacation hours. When you couple dangerous careers with a lack of proper rest and relaxation, it creates a climate that hurts or fatally injures thousands of U.S. workers annually.

According to industry newsletter, a leading publication for health and safety headlines, data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics was culled into a list of the 25 most dangerous jobs. Leading the list by a generous margin, loggers are 33 times more likely to be involved in a fatal or life-altering accident during their career. To literally add insult to injury, many of the most dangerous jobs belong to workers who fall below the May 2019 annual mean wage of $53,490. Poor safety and sanitation practices, daredevil behavior, shortcuts in safety protocols, and a lack of effective safety education all factor into the study.

Coming in second place are America’s aircraft pilots and flight engineers. While the majority of accidents are in the private sector, they more than make up for commercial crashes in volume, landing pilots near the top of the most dangerous occupations or hobbies in the U.S.

Oilfield derrick operators follow, which is especially notable in Louisiana due to the high number of oil and gas jobs in the state. Other popular jobs in Louisiana that made the list are roofers, garbage collectors, ironworkers, delivery drivers, and farmers. One of the common threads that connect almost all of these dangerous jobs is our reliance on transportation to get work done. By nature, transportation involves heavy machinery, and the stakes are higher in transportation jobs across the board.

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