The resources to fight with you, the experience to win for you

Research suggests that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to become a master of a particular skill. I have logged those hours, and I want to show you personally that I will spend the time it takes to gain your trust and analyze your particular case with the dedication of a true craftsman. The practice of law is a fluid art form, and I think that our service and compassion towards my clients is what sets me apart. Call me today for a completely free and confidential consultation to discuss, in person, your on the job injury, auto or boating accident, worker’s compensation claim, offshore injury, disability claim or to discuss setting up your wills and successions. I am serious about securing your business. Please let me show you my dedication and passion on your terms.
My personal brand as an attorney is consistent with aggressive representation for victims of all types of accidents, and I have the experience and resources to fight for you and win. When you have been involved in a life altering accident, you have enough worries without having to navigate insurance companies who only have their own interests in mind. Call me today and demand the results you deserve.

Do only a few things, but do them better than anyone else

I don’t pretend to do it all. From the founding of my original firm in 2004, I began my career catering solely to the very specific and sensitive needs of personal injury claimants. While I have expanded my focus and grown this practice over the years, I also understand that people demand results. Results come more readily when you do one thing, and do it well. This is the true definition of an artisan.
I invite you to come to our office, meet our team, and let me get to know you. I want your business, and I will prove it by listening to you, understanding your needs, and outlining all of your available options. If you do not have a case, I will tell you that too. My word is my bond, and I believe in telling my clients the truth. I believe in disclosure, compassion. and communication, and I believe that everyone, regardless of their history, background, employment status, race, creed, sexual orientation or bank account deserves fair, legal representation. My promise to each of my clients is to explain the legal process and lay everything out plainly on the table with no hidden agenda.