works to make it easy to find the best local expert. They feature objectively quantified and qualified professionals hand-picked by a selection process. After analyzing Stephen C. Gaubert’s professionalism and expertise, he was once again named as one of the Best Probate Lawyers in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2022.

The Law Office of Stephen Gaubert is a law firm that deals with the estate planning needs of clients in Lafayette and the neighboring areas. Since 2010, the firm has been helping clients craft estate plans that tackle asset distribution, child custody, and care of clients’ other responsibilities including the preparation of powers of attorney, living wills, and last wills and testaments. He provides asset protection from undue taxes in cases of multiple marriages and of having children and property across multiple states.  Stephen also practices in areas such as family law, business law, personal injury and workers’ compensation and is constantly among the highest rated attorneys in both professionalism and ethical standards.  Stephen has been the recipient of numerous awards by leading legal industry associations in his eighteen years of practicing law.

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